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This compact digital phase-shifting interferometer is designed for rapid workshop and laboratory measurements. It contains innovative technical solutions, which allow increasing stability and accuracy. The interferometer can be direct connected to an Ethernet network, has no restrictions on cable length, and can be used from different workplaces. The free software contains a set of scripts for the interferogramm analysis and the graphic user interface for visualization of results. This software can be used as for laboratory measurements, as for embedding into automatic control systems.


The interferometer is build on the basis of high- quality optical and electronic components, has integrated high resolution digital image sensor synchronized with a phase-shifting element. The interferometer has integrated coherent laser source and reference flat. For control and data transfer Fast Ethernet interface is used. Built-in HTTP server provides fast tunning and testing, is compatible with all popular Web browsers. Also the interferometer has two USB-Host interfaces. It allows connecting auxiliary devices (X-Y or rotation tables, attenuators, zoom- objectives, etc.) for expanding of functional capabilities and creating complete automatic system.



1x 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet
2x USB-Host

Common specifications

Specification Value
Control and power connector (Ethernet) RJ-45
Aperture size 40 mm
Reference flat surface quality λ/10
Camera resolution 512x512, 1024x1024
Type Mono
Digitization 8 bits
Digital zoom range at resolution 512x512 x1, x1.5, x2, x3, x4
Data acquisition time at preview resolution* <2 sec
Data acquisition time at full resolution* <5 sec
Live video rate at preview resolution** >10 fps
Laser wavelength 532nm or 635nm, not stabilized
Laser safety class 3R
Typical power dissipation 2.5W
Dimension without connectors 520x140x140
Operating temperature range 15 to 35°C
Relative humidity 10 to 95%, non condensing

* Frames capture time + phase map calculation time
** Depends on computer performance



Open-source, platform independent, socket based library for control and image capture. Can be used with most popular programming languages (C, C#, Python, Matlab, etc.).

Free Analysis Software

The interferogram analysis software uses scripting programming language Python. It extends Python with C control and mathematical modules, provides fast data acquisition and short OPD calculation time. Scripts allow capture images from an interferometer, recover a phase map, calculate an optical path difference (surface relief) and analyze it (Peak to Valley, RMS, Zernike coefficients). Scripts are very flexible can be easy adapted for the specific features of a test object.

Free GUI

The graphic user interface for Windows and Linux can be used together with interferogram analysis package. GUI uses icons for quick access to frequently used functions, allows users to start measurements and calculation scripts with button click, visualize and save obtained results. It can also be helpful for checking or tuning interferometer before starting of automatic processing.

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